IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights helps track equipment maintenance

Maximo Asset Health Insights is used to join condition assessment readings from assets to historic information from work and equipment records and other influences such as weather incidents. It represents a new way of maintaining equipment—one based not only on current condition-based readings coming from the equipment, but also informed by other influences like age, maintenance history, weather incidents and subcomponents with their own historical context. These data sources are analyzed by the Watson IoT Platform which feeds results back to Maximo in the Asset Health Insights work center, providing users an overall assessment and score of asset health. Benefits include full visibility into asset status, reduction of maintenance cost, avoiding unplanned downtime, and optimizing maintenance schedules.

Maximo Asset Health Insights lets businesses capture knowledge about how asset health is assessed and then use these insights to perform maintenance only when needed. Streaming data from sensors is collected and sorted by its value to the operation. High-value data is sent to the platform making it possible for the operating algorithms to consume the new value and recalculate the dynamic meters representing how the machine is working. These meters are continually compared—in real time—to the optimal performance meters defined by your organization based on historical readings.

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