Fastec Imaging’s IL5 High-Speed Camera

Fastec Imaging’s IL5 High-Speed 5MP Camera allows remote monitoring and troubleshooting of your manufacturing process. At any given time, the IL5 enables you to record production lines moving at high-speed for analysis or troubleshooting using slow motion replay so you can see what you have been missing with normal speed video. All models record over 3200 fps at VGA resolution and more than 18,000 fps at smaller resolutions.

Built for flexibility and ease of use, the Fastec IL5 camera can be controlled over Gigabit Ethernet via Fastec FasMotion software on your PC/Mac or via the built-in web interface on your tablet or smartphone. Using the (LR) FasCorder Mode, operate the camera as a regular camcorder to record and pause as needed and follow the action, stop recording and review what you have, and then append additional footage at will, even after a power cycle. Unlike traditional high-speed camera systems that only record for a few seconds and require careful triggering, the IL5’s Long-Record (LR) option can record at high speed for many minutes at high resolutions, to many hours at reduced resolutions.

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