Wildeck EdgeGard gates provide loading dock protection

Code-compliant Wildeck EdgeGard gates have been tested to withstand the 200 lb. OSHA 1910.23 load force protection requirement. For increased visibility, the gates have black safety striping and a bright yellow polyurethane paint finish. When closed, the gates are 42” high (above floor level) and they are offered in four configurations to adapt to specific customer needs. The EdgeGard Straight-Rail Gate is available for either 8 ft. or 10 ft. wide openings with the 10 ft. wide gate requiring 167” of overhead height clearance when raised. The Straight-Rail Gate also features counterbalanced gas cylinders that make opening an effortless task. Wildeck’s EdgeGard Folding-Rail Gate is available for 10 ft. or 12 ft wide openings and requires only 116” maximum height clearance.

Wildeck’s EdgeGard Gates feature a smooth cantilever action. Convenient grip handles are provided for proper lifting and the Folding-Rail Gate has a rubber floor wheel that guides and simplifies movement.  When raised, the gate completely clears the protected opening offering unimpeded traffic flow and maximum accessibility.  When closed, the gate is held securely in place and does not move.

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