TLV’s 1” GT5C PowerTrap combines both a pump and trap for removing condensate

TLV’s 1” GT5C PowerTrap, available in stainless steel and cast iron, combines both a pump and trap for removing condensate from air heating coils, jacketed vessels, tank coils, and plate and frame heat exchangers with minimal clearance or fill height. The GT5C PowerTrap helps provide complete condensate drainage from process equipment operating under stall conditions.

Benefits include:

  • Extended reliability with non-electric design, no cavitation or seal leakage.
  • Durability compression spring has lifetime limited warranty.
  • 6” fill height requirement is designed for many light load, low fill applications.
  • Compacy body design is engineered to reduce installation space, time, and cost.
  • No balance line required in certain applications.
  • Maintainable design allows for access to all interior parts including check valve and motive valve, without removing the GT5C from piping.
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