Nord Drivesystems introduces SK92.1 and SK93.1 series helical-bevels

Nord Drivesystems’ new SK92.1 and SK93.1 series helical-bevels are designed for gear efficiencies up to 97%. Typical right angle worm reducers range in efficiency from 40%-90% depending on size, ratio and output speed. The increased efficiency of Nord’s 2-stage bevels can result in as much as a 30% energy savings. It is easy to replace an industry standard worm unit with the highly efficient and cost effective Nord SK92.1 or SK93.1 helical-bevel by ordering Nord’s optional industry interchange footplate. The footplate is available with either threaded or through holes and has an optional extended design to best suite all standard worm mounting situations.When compared to single worm units on the market, Nord’s 2-stage bevel drives have several other advantages such as a wide range of available ratios, a UNICASETM, quiet, leak-free housing design, and wear-free infinite life gearing. As energy costs continue to rise and natural resources become scarcer, consider Nord in your next energy efficient solution.

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