Lapp Group unveils ÖLFLEX VFD 2XL, UL TC-ER rated motor cable

The Lapp Group’s new ÖLFLEX VFD 2XL, UL TC-ER rated motor cable is a robust, oil-resistant shielded design for use with variablefrequency drives.

Also available with a pair for brake or temperature, the ÖLFLEX VFD 2XL comes with XLPE (plus) insulation and a phthalate-free TPE outer jacket that gives the cable maximum flexibility, low capacitance and flame-retardant properties. ÖLFLEX VFD 2XL is dual rated for applications ranging from 600 to 2000 volts, which allows a single cable to serve in a wide range of applications.

The ÖLFLEX VFD 2XL features a specially-formulated thermoplastic elastomer jacket and conductors made from finely stranded tinned copper. Its cross-linked polyethylene insulation provides superior electrical properties and allows the cable to withstand heat generated by overcurrent conditions common with VFD’s. Shielding for the ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL series includes barrier tape, triple layer foil tape and tinned copper braid.

The motor cable has a test voltage of 6000 volts and minimum bend radius of 7.5 times the cable diameter. Ideal applications include VFD drive and motor connections for pumps, compressors, conveyors, elevators, extruders, pressers and HVAC especially in industrial environments.

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