Gateway Safety unveils the PeakFit disposable N95 particulate respirator

Gateway Safety offers the PeakFit disposable N95 particulate respirator. PeakFit is a comfortable product for workers required to wear respiratory protection, designed to improve compliance through its unique design and custom fit features.

The disposable PeakFit N95 respirator from Gateway Safety offers a true one-size-fits-all configuration due to its adjustable head strap. The one-piece cloth head strap is fitted with an adjustable clasp to fit any head size. Plus, its integrated design is more durable than typical stapled versions.

PeakFit includes a large, molded shell, making room for easy breathing and speaking.Its nosebridge area – typically fitted with a metal pinch piece – instead is made with a soft, closed-cell foam on the inside of, which conforms to the user’s face and creates a close but comfortable seal.

PeakFit, a NIOSH-approved N95 air-purifying respirator, is available in four versions: both vented and unvented PeakFit (filtration against aerosols free of oils below PEL*); vented PeakFit OV (additional filtration against aerosols free of organic vapors below PEL); and unvented PeakFit AG (additional filtration against aerosols free of organic vapors and acid gases below PEL).

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