CribMaster releases software solutions to help manage industrial environments more effectively

CribMaster released a suite of new software solutions – including CribMaster 10, CribMaster Web and CribMaster Mobile Plus – designed to help industrial distributors and manufacturers streamline inventory management processes to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

Management of indirect material usage across multiple sites is often challenging for industrial distributors and manufacturers because it often requires operating numerous disparate databases or the use of one database that applies the same global settings for all sites regardless of specific requirements. Combined, CribMaster 10, CribMaster Web and CribMaster Mobile Plus provide customers more control and mobility by enabling real-time access to site level inventory data from anywhere. The use of mobile devices and Web browsers can reduce the total cost of ownership of inventory management solutions through reduced IT infrastructure requirements.

CribMaster 10 provides maximum visibility and control over the flow of inventory by site on a single software platform. CribMaster 10 enables customers to perform critical functions at the site or crib level, which means that managers can work with each site's data according to the needs of a specific location.

CribMaster Web provides an online interface into the CribMaster software platform and will be included in the new CribMaster 10 software. CribMaster Web provides access to a site's databases from any registered device for maximum versatility and ease of use – reducing IT resource needs.

CribMaster Mobile Plus is a new application for iPhones that can replace costly scanning equipment, significantly reducing CapEx spending, increasing productivity and improving accuracy of data. With CribMaster Mobile Plus, workers can now use their iPhones as scanners with added capabilities, such as taking and attaching pictures, searching for POs and verifying data.

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