Automated guided vehicles: The future of material handling

This collection of videos outlines the role of AGVs in your plant.
What are the benefits of using automatic guided carts? Sarah Carlson, marketing director of Daifuku Webb, says automatic guided carts can be ergonomic, flexible and scalable.
How can automated guided vehicles be integrated with existing operations? Michael Marcum, automation sales engineering manager at Toyoto Material Handling, talks about the use of AGVs in industrial assembly.
How is the AGV market changing? Tim Meyer, TPS solutions and AGV product manager at Toyoto Material Handling, explores how guidance technology, standardized controllers, and interest in the warehouse and distribution market is changing the future of automated guided vehicles.
How are people viewing their AGVs? Jaap van der Werff, CEO of Frog AGV Systems, illustrates how AGVs can improve efficiency and increase profits in your assembly environment.
What are the benefits of intermediate automation? John Hayes, national account manager at Seegrid, says many users are choosing to automate only parts of their plants, rather than buying large expensive automation packages, making AGVs accessible to smaller organizations.
Is your automated guided vehicle being used to its full potential? Mark Longacre, marketing manager at JBT, says AGVs can move anything from raw materials to manufactured goods and much more.
What is the difference between an AGV and an AGC? Chuck Russell, vice president, AGV Systems, at Transbotics talks about the use of AGVs and AGCs in assembly.
What is your AGV telling you? Don Holdenrid, vice president of systems sales at America in Motion, says automated guided vehicles can be used to gathering data about products and track worker efficiency.
What are the advantages of a customized AGV? Plant Services Senior Technical Editor Stanton McGroarty talks with Doerfer's Mick Stiers about customized AGVs and the innovative Wheelift.
What can an automated guided vehicle do for you? Manfred Hummenberger, managing director and CEO of DS Automation says AGVs improve flexibility in your assembly process.
Are you giving your equipment proper guidance? Michael McCormick, director of project management at Raymond, talks about the technology behind the ALT's guidance system.
How can you marry guidance systems to conventional lift trucks? Michael McCormick, director of project management at Raymond, talks about the use of ALTs in assembly.
What advantage does an AGV have over a conveyor or a fork lift? Jeff Baker, global category manager, industrial lifting, global production management, at Ingersoll Rand, talks about how AGVs in the main assembly have changed industrial lifting.