U.S. Lubricants introduces Aquaglide coolants

May 7, 2015
U.S. Lubricants has introduced a comprehensive line of coolants for a wide range of metalworking applications.

Aquaglide 100 series coolants are premium water dilutable metalworking fluids formulated for use in heavy duty machining and grinding applications. The unique biostable blends include Extreme Pressure (EP) additives, emulsifiers and preservatives that allow a wide operating window and "single coolant" solution across most machining operations and metal types including all steels and non-ferrous alloys and most aluminum grades. Aquaglide 100 series coolants require less maintenance than most and last longer than comparable competing products providing an operator-friendly as well as economical solution.

Aquaglide 200 series coolants are semi-synthetic metalworking fluids formulated with a unique blend of amides, primary emulsifiers and boundary lubricants designed to deliver excellent performance in a wide range of machining and grinding operations. Unique Extreme Pressure (EP) and anti-weld agents ensure excellent tool life and surface finish with a broad variety of materials, from aluminum to stainless steels. Aquaglide 200 Series coolants also deliver improved machine
cleanliness and provide excellent rust control.

Aquaglide 300 series coolants are 100% synthetic, water based metalworking fluids that deliver exceptional machining performance at a more economical price point than most competing synthetics. These coolants are highly effective on aluminum as well as in grinding applications involving cast and nodular iron parts. The unique formulation and specialty lubricity additives used in Aquaglide 300 series coolants provide excellent tool life, extended sump life and good hard water stability while the oil rejecting blend of boundary lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and biocides improve machine cleanliness.