UniCarriers offers Platinum WSX walkie straddle stacker and Platinum WCX walkie counterbalance stacker models

May 20, 2015
Walkie stacker series available in 3,000- and 4,000-pound capacities

UniCarriers Americas Corporation (UCA) offers two powerful stacker models, the Platinum WSX, walkie straddle stacker and the Platinum WCX, walkie counterbalance stacker. Both models are built for high performance and easy maintenance, and have capacities of 3,000 and 4,000 pounds, with lift heights up to 18 feet.

The WSX is a versatile, hard-working straddle stacker that easily operates in tight aisles with heavy loads. WSX models work efficiently in narrow aisle areas, or any application that demands a maneuverable machine.

The WCX counterbalance stacker is built to handle heavy loads and reach higher heights, to do the job of larger and more expensive sit-down rider models. WCX is ideal for manufacturing and other demanding applications.

Features of the UniCarriers WSX and WCX models include:

  • 5.2-horsepower, AC-drive motor and controller system
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic pump motor
  • Simple, but effective, digital CAN network, with communications through only four wires in the control handle
  • Onboard diagnostics through optional multi-function LCD display
  • Hall-effect speed and acceleration control
  • Smart electric brake (engages when handle is raised)