How to use preventive maintenance to improve inventory management

April 8, 2014
A PM program for the storeroom inventory provides the basis for maintenance reliability in the operating equipment.

Preventive maintenance programs contribute greatly to equipment reliability and provide the data to support a proactive maintenance program. Most everyone would agree that performing a scheduled Preventive maintenance (PM) activity should be focused on components within the operating equipment to monitor their performance. The goal is to monitor equipment health of these components and formulate a maintenance plan to keep the equipment assets performing as expected.

The problem many organizations encounter is that a scheduled PM starts when the component is installed on the operating equipment. Many times these components or parts have been in the storeroom for many months or even years without a PM program. This lack of care can lead to shortened service life when they are put in service. The maintenance plan for the storeroom inventory is designed to ensure these items are service-ready when they are requested for an equipment repair.

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