Spreading operational excellence throughout your plant, one lean act at a time

Sept. 24, 2013
Lean manufacturing processes can create a domino effect, driving efficiencies throughout the rest of the supply chain.

In recent years, companies have been expanding lean concepts deeper and deeper into the supply chain to protect margins and achieve more streamlined operations. Some companies and industries are further along than others, but this process has forced executives to objectively evaluate how they are delivering value to their customers.

Customer value encompasses all of the processes and people involved throughout the supply chain, from concept to product delivery. One of the most important areas in which a lean approach can make a considerable difference is the manufacturing process.

In fact, a lean manufacturing process can create a domino effect, driving efficiencies throughout the rest of the supply chain. And today’s technology is the cornerstone to accelerating the elimination of waste and costs, and staying competitive in today’s challenging economic landscape.

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