June 2006 Table of Contents

Sept. 15, 2006

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A July preview

In our popular In the Trenches series, a long-term Acme employee doesn't feel the new dress code policy is fair to women. After she's fired for noncompliance, she sues. You can also check out the In the Trenches archive and read about numerous dicey situations that happened in real plants just like yours -- only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

What else is coming in July? Here’s the list:

  • Implement from the bottom
  • How one man was inspired to revitalize other maintenance departments
  • The seven deadly wastes
  • Piping for toxic and hazardous gases
  • Industry and Mother Nature have both developed highly efficient motors

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You can help employees succeed

Do you allow mediocrity and condone failure? This article, exclusive to PlantServices.com, asks: Is your facility so different from your family? In the same way that you provide a positive culture for your family, you can provide a positive culture for your plant.

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CMMS telemarketer back with more advice

Our sharp-tongued 20-year-old CMMS telemarketer with the pen name “Ben Keith” is back with the third installment of “X: the key to success in CMMS.”  This web-exclusive contribution concentrates on Xamine, the search for the solution. Read it if you dare – you may want to check out the whole series.

Exclusive to PlantServices.com

Top 10 white paper downloads

PlantServices.com has aggregated more than 70 white papers across numerous topics. See which white papers have been most often downloaded and find out what your peers are reading.

Energy Expert

As rising prices in the energy sector lead to more pressing issues for plants worldwide, Plant Services has added a monthly energy columnist. Read his tips and insight into the energy landscape.


PlantServices.com likes to keep a finger to the pulse of its readership and offers monthly polls centered on hot topics. Participate and review the responses to this month's topic, and peruse our poll archive to see your peers' thoughts.

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Plant Services magazine extras

Going mobile

Build your own Tricorder: Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt began his technical career as a software engineer. Here’s his unpublished sidebar on how to put together the ultimate maintenance handheld.quivalent annual cost.

Leverage the CMMS: Every plant of significant size has a CMMS, or soon will. The economics seem irrefutable, so most plants bite the bullet, survive the implementation and get ready to watch their maintenance procedures become efficient and productive. But getting a CMMS is only half the battle. Today, you need handhelds to reap more of the advantages.

Engineer a flexible facility

Equivalent annual cost - Repair or replace
Culture - Making short-term loyalty pay
Connectivity - Bringing the Web to the plant floor
Process data - Know what your factory equipment is doing right now
Automation system flaws - Outwit control system gremlins

Optimize HVAC and process systems

Coriolis meters - Verifying gas meter accuracy
Chiller tips - 10 tips for improving chiller efficiency
Enthalpy wheels
 - Recapture those spent therms 
Pitot tubes
 - Averaging pitot tubes
Real-time data
- Know what your factory equipment is doing right now

Get the most from motors

RKI fuses - The fuse protection review
Brake motors - Maintain the tension
Predictive maintenance - Vibration analysis: what does it mean?
Drive selection risk analysis - Minimizing the risk of motor/drive failure

Digging below the metaphorical surface

RCM - Reliability-centered maintenance
FMEA - Failure modes and effects analysis
Autonomous maintenance - Doing the jishu hozen down at the gemba
RCA failures - Why root cause analysis doesn't always work
RCA - Pulling problems out by their roots
DOE - Design of experiments

PlantServices.com Timeless Resources

 2006 Readers’ Choice Awards

CMMS/EAM Software Review

Maintenance Crisis Resource Center 

Plant Services asked your peers to name the vendors that provide the best value of that combination of performance, reliability, low maintenance and purchase price that adds up to the lowest lifecycle cost -- in each of more than 60 product and service categories. The result is a veritable Who’s Who of qualified suppliers. Our rigorous review of major computerized maintenance management system packages exposes strengths, weaknesses and industry trends. This month, it’s been updated with nine fresh reviews by noted CMMS guru and contributing editor David Berger, P.Eng. PlantServices.com has launched the Maintenance Crisis Resource Center. Visit this Web-based community for information, to network and to find support to help mitigate the increasing shortage of qualified professionals.

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