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Plant Toon-Up: Cartoon caption contest

June 5, 2009
Congratulations to Mark Schreiber who submitted the winning caption to the Plant Services cartoon. A new cartoon has been posted.

Do you need some maintenance for your funny bone? Plant Services is here to help. "Plant Toon-Up," the latest addition to PlantServices.com, features one-panel wonders by artist Steve Herner that are guaranteed to have you laughing out loud. Join in on the mechanical mayhem and submit a caption for the cartoon that appears below. The winning caption will be featured on Plant Services' Web site and highlighted in the PlantServices.com eNewsletter.

Don't worry. If it was a bad leak, we'd be dead already.


•    "Your MacGyver kit is missing the universal bubblegum repair pack." — Mike Miller
•    “If that was a hammer union, we’d have it made!"
— David Tyler
•    "Reckon we can leave it for second shift?"
— Heather Hassell
•    "Hmmmmmm, let me get my big squeezy do's."
— Daniel Sledge
•    "Bring me my brown pants!"
— Kirby Hostetler


  • "Where’s your duct tape?" — Marty Migliori
  • "I think we need a bigger wrench." — Marty Migliori
  • "I don't think that that Job Plan was quite accurate..." — Bill Kaufman
  • "Was that righty-tighty or lefty-loosy?" — Roger Holbrook
  • "Don't worry, Bob. The gauge says there's only 1 psi on the pipe."— Tom Patten
  • "Wait a minute — work order says we're looking for a water leak." — John Mentink
  • "I should have called in sick today..." — Christopher Broome
  • "Oops! I thought the source of the odor was coming from back here!" — Dan Marsalek
  • "It's only a small leak." — Richard Gauthe
  • "What, no JB weld?" — Ron Dixon
  • "Henry! Stop fooling around and help me think of three wishes for when the Genie appears." — Rich Carlson
  • "This can't be it. The repair order says a white six-inch pipe has a leak."— Tom Cohen
  • "You handle this. I’m going on break."— Kirby Hostetler
  • "Pulp will seal it!"— Richard Huser
  • "It's cold. It's heating the place up. Ignore it."— W. Metzger
  • "Production has been adjusting the flow again!" — Doug McBride
  • "Is this what they mean when they say, 'letting the smoke out?'"— Wendy Panaro
  • "We are going to need a bigger wrench, boss."— Rock Wickham 
  • "No job is too big, but we lack the training for this one!" — Rudy Tajalle 
  • "Skillet, I think we stopped the leak. Nice ... PM program Flat bone!"— Ed Cook 
  • "Oh great. This is NOT going to get fixed this year with all the budget cuts, but yet we are going to have to talk about this for the year to come. Don’t bother looking for the wrench for this job. I broke it last week on a ¼-20 bolt stuck in the pump that feeds this line." — Rodney Adams
  • "This looks like a design mistake; it should have been a flange joint." — Yogananda Reddy
  • "Ya don’t have any chewing gum in there, do ya?" — Richard Paolini
  • "Where is the gasket?" — L. L. William
  • "This looks like a job for Mario and Luigi."— Bob Strobel
  • "No job is TOO big, but do you remember this one from training?"— Rudy Tajalle
  • "Don't worry.  If it was a bad leak, we'd be dead already." — Mark Schreiber
  • "What? Are you crazy? Just keep walking and pretend we didn't see it!"— Jason Goshorn
  • "Cheap Chinese fitting!"— Mike Reed
  • "It looks like some duct tape and ear plugs should work for now! It’s too bad you allowed us to go to root cause analysis training but didn't have enough funds to fix this right!" — Larry Shereck
  • "I’m sure we’ve got some Mighty Mendit in here!" — Ainsworth Brown
  • "This isn’t what I pictured when they said the job required ‘union’ labor." — John Iverson
  • "There is no shrinking ray in your tool box, Norm!" — Lemar Jones
  • "Frank you've gotta stop eating beans for breakfast; those farts are tooooo loud ... don't smell though, thank goodness. Now, what was it you needed again?"— Craig Gary
  • "When the boss said we have a 'small' problem, I didn’t realize that the problem was that we were too small."— Mark Powell

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