Top 10 Reasons to Install a VSD

Aug. 17, 2004
1. Control starting current: When an AC motor is started across the line, it takes as much as eight times the motor full-load current, flexing the motor windings, generating heat and reducing the life of the motor. A variable-speed drive (VSD) starts the motor with 50% to 70% of its full-load current, plus the load.

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2. Reduce power-line disturbances: Starting an AC motor across the line places a large drain on the power distribution system. Voltage typically sags, which can cause sensitive equipment to trip. A drive can eliminate this sag.3. Reduce power demand: Drives reduce startup surges, which can cut utility charges for demand factors.4. Control acceleration: Drives accelerate smoothly, reducing mechanical shock and wear-and-tear on both the motor and connected load. 5. Adjust operating speed: Change, optimize and adjust a process locally or remotely.6. Control torque: Protect machinery, the process and product from damage due to excessive torque.7. Control stops: Reduce mechanical wear and tear or loss of product due to breakage.8. Eliminate the reversing starter, its maintenance cost and panel space.9. Eliminate mechanical components such as gearboxes. Let the motor and drive handle speed and torque requirements. 10. Save energy in applications that run much of the time at partial speed and load.

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