More resources for motors

Feb. 19, 2007

Motor Decisions Matter (

  • Motor Planning Kit: contains case studies, technical information, equipment selection guidelines and other material describing effective motor management.
  • Estimated Annual Savings Chart: An interactive spread sheet that demonstrates the cost and annual energy savings available with premium-efficiency motors.
  • 1-2-3 Approach to Motor Management: A spreadsheet that includes life-cycle cost information, graphs and tables describing proactive motor management in simple language.

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (

  • General Specification for Consultants, Industrial and Municipal: NEMA Premium Motors (600 Volts or Less): This sample purchasing policy is available for download at

U.S. Department of Energy (

  • MotorMaster+ 4.0: A comprehensive program that enables you to populate a detailed motor database. Available at
  • Service Center Evaluation Guide: Has information about the quality of service centers. Available at

Advanced Energy (

Electrical Apparatus Service Association (

International Organization for Standards (

  • ISO 9000: Guidelines for developing a repair policy and a finding a service provider. Available by running a search for ISO 9000.