Möhlenhoff and eQ-3 develop a new integrated controller for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology

April 13, 2015
Is it possible to control your heating or air conditioning system quickly and conveniently from your smartphone or tablet via the Internet while you are out and about? The "smart home", networked and controllable, is constantly growing in popularity.

Möhlenhoff and eQ-3 AG are cooperating in the development of a new product range named Alpha IP: The control system for heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology makes use of eQ-3's HomeMatic IP communication standard and offers Möhlenhoff's customers a versatile and attractive way of entering the world of home automation.

The HomeMatic IP communication protocol, which was developed by eQ-3, is based on the IPv6 transmission standard. Using this protocol, it is possible to address and control all home automation components individually and reliably via radio signal or data bus – from lighting elements, roller shutters and awnings, through windows and doors, and on to movement, smoke and water detectors. With the innovative, uniformly designed controller, users benefit from the greatest possible comfort, reliability and flexibility. All system functions can be consulted, monitored and operated at all times via the fixed central control unit, by remote control, from a computer software application, or via smartphone – either indoors in the home network or when out and about via the Internet.

The new Alpha IP range of products, which will be available as of 2016, combines the many advantages of Möhlenhoff's heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions with eQ-3's innovative HomeMatic IP standard. It permits the smooth, reliable integration of components such as underfloor heating or indoor ventilation and heat recovery systems in the home automation solution. As a result, Möhlenhoff's OEM partner companies will be optimally positioned to take full advantage of the future potential of the "smart home" market: Thanks to Alpha IP, they are able to offer product and system solutions that are compatible with HomeMatic IP. And they have the flexibility to choose whether, for example, they only want to market integrated heating, air conditioning and ventilation solutions, or instead wish to include the full range of home automation technology in their portfolios. What is more, specialist installation and maintenance businesses that help their customers implement home automation solutions can count on Alpha IP as a forward-looking, top-quality, reliable control system.

These automation systems are used in private homes as well as in public buildings such as offices, hotels and schools. They allow users to define recurrent standard operations in the form of scenarios and considerably reduce their energy consumption by harmonizing the functioning of the individual components – for example, by making sure that heating and ventilation units work together efficiently. This cuts costs while simultaneously ensuring an optimum indoor climate and, therefore, an appreciable improvement in comfort and quality of life.