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A plant gets lumens aplenty with high efficiency and low total cost of ownership

July 6, 2010
In this installment of What Works, LEDs light High Bay fixtures in Ohio.

Frontline International supplies commercial restaurant equipment for managing cooking oil. Its OilCare solutions safely and efficiently contain, dispense, filter and transport oil for initial fresh oil use and immediate on-premise recycling. Recycling used cooking oil as a renewable alternative fuel has grown to the point where now all of the equipment it produces is geared toward recycling, and many eco-conscious customers began asking about the sustainability and environmental impact of Frontline’s own operations.

“Sixty percent of our operation is assembly work, manufacturing the equipment,” says John Palazzo, president, Frontline. “So one of the first places we looked to improve our practices was in our manufacturing facilities.”

At the time, Frontline was in the early stages of designing a new plant facility in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Its other facilities used fluorescent and incandescent lighting for the assembly areas. This required a large number of fixtures to get the bright light needed for assembly operations, and energy consumption was significant. Palazzo and his team began investigating alternative lighting options, including high-pressure sodium, newer fluorescent technologies and LED lighting solutions. They decided that LED lighting was the optimum eco-friendly solution.

After comparing several LED lighting solutions, Frontline chose High Bay LED lighting fixtures from Dialight, citing their robust design and construction, high energy efficiency, minimal maintenance and low total cost of ownership (TCO) over time.


The project covers 11,200 sq. ft. at 23-foot and 25-foot mounting heights with 59 fixtures. At 11,600 lumens apiece, the Dialight DuroSite Series LED High Bay fixtures combine the latest in high-brightness LED technology, precision optics and next-generation thermal management practices. The fixtures are able to deliver ultra-bright clear white light uniformly across the facility’s assembly floor. The new facility is approximately three times the size of Frontline’s other manufacturing facility, but it was able to significantly downsize the number of lighting fixtures needed in the new plant, with brighter illumination from fewer lights running on far less electricity, which not only lowers energy consumption and costs but reduces their carbon footprint, as well, in keeping with their sustainability initiative.

“It was very important for us to make sure we had enough lumens to make the workplace ergonomic for our employees,” says Palazzo. “The Dialight High Bay overhead fixtures are a huge improvement, providing light bright enough for assembly work at waist level and even at floor level. The ultra-bright illumination not only expedites assembly work, it also makes the work environment much safer for our workers.”

Frontline’s electrical contractors were skeptical at first of the decision to install LED fixtures, says Palazzo. “But once they saw the Dialight DuroSite Series LED High Bay fixtures and started working with them, they were impressed with how quickly and easily the fixtures installed, and how bright their illumination was. In fact, they brought in light meters that verified the even distribution of clear, white high quality light throughout the facility, even in remote corners. Now they’re recommending Dialight LED lighting solutions to their other customers.”

Fixture type Dialight DuroSite
Series LED High Bay
(6) T5HO
Metal halide
Total system wattage 150W
389W 480W 480W
Average lamp life 60,000
30,000 20,000 24,000
Annual energy savings
$13,500 $18,771 $18,771
Lifetime relamp and maintenance savings
$29,559 $29,559
Annual kWh savings
123,486 kWh 170,646 kWh 170,646 kWh
Annual CO2 emission reduction (tons)
106 tons 146 tons 146 tons
*All figures are typical and based on calculations provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency

The fixtures are virtually maintenance-free. The LED lights sustain approximately 80% lumen capacity over 60,000 operating hours and last for an average of 10 years. This reduces maintenance burden and equipment replacement costs, and the maintenance staff doesn’t have to risk injury from changing high ceiling-mounted bulbs.

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