What is your compressed air survey ROI?

Oct. 6, 2014
Increase your ROI by making sure you can identify opportunities and properly document results.

Reliability centered maintenance is all about making sure plants are running their best. There are a number of benefits that can arise from this simple endeavor, including safety, machine performance, overhead savings and a smaller carbon footprint. Eliminating waste has become a priority for both industry professionals and national governments, as the private sector looks for new ways to increase revenues, while countries around the world are looking to cut back on carbon emissions. By fixing and controlling compressed air leaks, we can address both of these concerns.

There are a number of ways that companies can see strong returns on investment through fixing compressed air leaks. With concerns about carbon emissions growing, governments are looking for ways to incentivize emissions reduction. A number of them have implemented what are known as carbon trading schemes. In these scenarios, emissions credits are awarded to companies or countries that reduce their carbon emissions below a certain amount. These credits can then be bought and sold in the same way that stocks would on the open market. This provides a way for companies to see immediate returns on their carbon reductions.

Another way in which companies can produce significant ROI is through energy savings. The price of fossil fuels continues to climb, and even though there has been a recent increase in North American fuel supplies, energy is still among the most expensive commodities for an industrial plant. By fixing compressed air leaks, you cut down on your energy expenditures, thus lowering your utility bill and driving up the bottom line.

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