You’re in.

Welcome to Plant Services "Plant Performance" blog, so named because it's where you can influence the perfomance of industrial plants and factories by getting the attention of the editors of Plant Services magazine and, as well as the presumable multitude of plant professional (and vendor) blog readers and contributors to come, virtually in real time. Use this blog to learn about our works-in-progress, tell us what we should be saying and doing with the magazine and Web site, and share your knowledge and perspectives with us and our audience. Let me start by admitting I've never even read a blog, much less wrote one, so this one is uninfluenced by all that came before it. I have heard terrible things about how blogs have been misused to attack individuals, promulgate narcissism, generally waste time and effort, etc. Let's forget all that stuff and focus on the strengths of the medium: we all can read what we all write, right away or later if we want. Let's write stuff worth reading. And I won't swear if you won't, OK?