We're webinaring about asset management software today (see how I just turned webinar into a verb?)

Today at 2:00 eastern time, I'll be hosting a webinar with some pretty heavy-duty firepower. David Berger, the man who writes our Asset Manager column each month and one of the foremost authorities on CMMS and EAM software around, and Michael Blalock, IFS's global industry director for energy and utilities, will provide expert analysis and highlight how companies are using CMMS and enterprise asset management software to create more efficient maintenance planning. The webinar will identify best practices and demonstrate how companies are using the software to make better-informed maintenance decisions.

Berger will provide broad insights into the decisions and the data that are part of the asset management software realm. He is the director of Western Management Consultants in Ontario and will explain the technical and the human considerations necessary to have a viable implementation and a long-term strategy for success.

Blalock specifically will speak about Publically Available Specification 55 (PAS 55), a specification from the British Standards Institute. This specification was first published as a response to demands for a standard in asset management.

PAS 55 has immediate and significant implications for utilities because of its effect on rate cases, where utility regulators and interveners are asking about PAS 55 compliance to ensure rates are not increased to pay for new asset investments, when more effective management could deliver additional life or capacity of existing infrastructure.

Investors and other stakeholders are looking for PAS 55 compliance as a measure of good management practice and of its positive business impact on early adopters.

Independent of these pressures, utility executives will likely find PAS 55 a useful tool in good decision-making, regarding the implementation of corporate strategic plans in setting sound asset management policy consistent with organizational goals and turning that policy into actionable activities that are communicated consistently to all parties involved in the asset value chain.

With PAS 55 now adopted, as a basis for a new global ISO asset management standard, it will receive increasing focus. Blalock will position the specification and discuss the role of IT in enabling adoption and proof of compliance.

Join us this afternoon, but register now at http://webcast.streamlogics.com/audience/index.asp?eventid=40540712.