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How to overcome employee demands

March 9, 2020
Are you buried under requests from your team? The Captain has some advice on how to handle them!

In today’s world, entitlement is rampant. We have seen many employees think if they just get their foot in the door, they can show their worth by demanding things like time off, more vacation, raises, etc. Here are some of the top demands and how to overcome them.

Demand for more money

Employee: Hello, boss. I have been here for two months now, and I feel it is time to talk about a raise.
Boss: Okay, how much will it take for you to live comfortably?
Employee: About $50,000 more per year.
Boss: Okay, would it help if I added three more weeks of vacation as well?
Employee: Oh, of course!
Boss: What about a company expense account and credit card?
Employee: Wow! Yes, I will take it.
Boss: What about a company car, a lease? How about a Corvette?
Employee: Wow! Are you kidding me?
Boss: Yes, but you started it and I just went along with it. Now get back to work!

Demand for more vacation

Employee: Hello, boss. I have been here for a year now, and I feel instead of one week of vacation, I deserve two.
Boss: Okay. Can you explain to me why you feel you deserve an extra week?
Employee: Well, I have shown up on time every day and complete every task that has been set before me.
Boss: Okay, what if I gave you an all-expenses-paid trip to Cancun?
Employee: Oh, of course!
Boss: What about a pre-paid credit card to cover shopping and food?
Employee: Wow! Are you serious?
Boss: No, but I can give you a free trip to the unemployment line. Now get out of my office!

Demand for a team building exercise

Employee: I really think we need to do some team bonding. We need to hold a team building event.
Boss: How should we accomplish that?
Employee: Well, we could get the team together and do an escape room. How does that sound?
Boss: It sounds like you are the main reason why we need the team building exercise anyway!

IT demands

IT Tech: Boss, we really need to upgrade our software.
Boss: How much will it cost?
IT Tech: $700,000.
Boss: Do you know how many programmers it takes to change a light bulb?
IT Tech: None. That’s a hardware problem.
Boss: And that’s how many IT techs I am going to have if you don’t get out of my office.

Demand for more flexibility in their schedule

Employee: Hello, boss. I was wondering, our schedules are hectic and seem to be wearing people down. What if we made our schedules more flexible?
Boss: Okay, what do you feel is a good solution?
Employee: Well, I figure, if we could work from home a few days a week, it would make us more productive.
Boss: Okay, how about you work from home permanently.
Employee: Wow! Really?
Boss: Yes. The only stipulation is that it will be unpaid. Sound like a deal?

I really hope these tips help you as a leader overcome the most common employee demands. Please share more demands, I would like to help you overcome other demands that you are seeing in the workplace.

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