Tofino’s PunchOut module eliminates manual PO entry

Nov. 8, 2017
Tofino Software has released its “PunchOut” cXML and OCI enabled eCommerce module.

Tofino Software has released its “PunchOut” cXML and OCI-enabled eCommerce module. Tofino’s PunchOut module is integrated into the MRO procurement and inventory management workflow of TRMS CMMS.

Punch Out allows buyers to securely access a supplier's online web store while they are using the Tofino Resource Management Suite (TRMS) application. The buyer uses the supplier's website to search and select items for purchase and then fill a shopping cart. The shopping cart of items is then sent via the internet in real time to TRMS. The procurement application converts the shopping cart into a requisition or a PO, which is worked, approved, and in the case of a requisition, converted to a purchase order. The purchase order is then sent to the supplier.

The key benefits of PunchOut:

  • Reducing operational costs
  • Eliminating manual PO entry
  • Allowing purchasing to interface with other company systems
  • Ensuring adherence to negotiated contracts
  • Allowing management to control purchasing budgets
  • Delivering the right information to customers