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Why you should be using data analytics software to avoid data overload

Data analytics software incorporates machine learning technologies to accelerate the efforts of the user, but takes things one critical step further.

By Dan Hebert, PE

If your company builds machine or process skids, you’ve probably heard about machine learning as it’s a heavily hyped term, right up there with the now legendary, and bordering on mythical, Internet of Things.

And with a moniker like machine learning, who wouldn’t be interested? Everyone wants their machines to be smarter, and if a machine can learn on its own and somehow become better, wouldn’t that be great? Of course it would, but reality often falls short of the hype.

Machine learning takes all of the data you’ve collected from your machine or process skid, or from a whole group of these items of equipment in a plant, and automatically forges relationships among the data. Automatic learning sounds great, but what might this mean to you in practice?

To learn more about, read “Avoid drowning in data with data analytics software ” from Control Design.

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