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Throwback Thursday: From Plant Services' October 1965 issue

Take a look at what made headlines in Plant Services 50 years ago

We're fortunate at Plant Services to have a rich library of back issues. (We've been doing this for more than 50 years, after all!) It's great to take a look at what has changed—and what hasn't—over the decades.

Here's what was featured in Plant Services' September/October 1965 issue...Plant Services' September/October 1965 cover

*Radio-controlled cranes for speed, economy, efficiency ("Converting cab-driven cranes to wireless radio remote control operation has streamlined production techniques, trimmed fabrication costs and alleviated several knotty problems at plant of New England manufacturer of large electrical equipment.")

*How to solve in-plant voltage fluctuation problems ("Electronic-magnetic" voltage regulators to the rescue)

*Air dryer improves compressor repair scheduling at Springfield machine ("Deliquescent compressed air dryer almost entirely eliminates wet, dirty plant air, improves scheduling of compressor maintenance, stops quarterly press repair jobs costing $500 each")

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