CMMS/EAM vendors rely on their products helping you succeed

Pressures from the real world are driving computerized maintenance management/ enterprise asset management (CMMS/EAM) software vendors to rethink and revise not only their products, but how they can help users actually achieve a larger portion of the potential they shrink-wrap in every package.

More than ever, CMMS/EAM vendors need you, their clients, to succeed. Many have identified room for improvement and are focusing their efforts on four key areas: industry specialization, implementation, integration and functionality. The changes they wrought have prompted us to revise and expand the Plant Services CMMS/EAM Software Review, our detailed hands-on comparison of current offerings.

This new version of the review allows you to decide just how in-depth you want to be in controlling product comparisons, from simple browsing of vendor survey data to creating customized scores for each product based on the aspects most important to you.

Industry Trends

During the past few years, there have been fewer entrants into the CMMS/EAM vendor world, along with tremendous consolidation. Many of the companies acquiring CMMS/EAM vendors are looking to expand their product and service offerings, such as large ERP, plant automation and specialty software companies. These are signs of a maturing market. From the customer’s perspective, this can be good news if product and service offerings are improved and better differentiated. Additionally, the companies that survive a period of consolidation tend to be more financially stable. However, with fewer competitors and more differentiated product and service offerings, there may be reduced pressure on vendors to negotiate prices.

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CMMS Best Practices


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Maintenance management

Beyond maintenance management

CMMS white papers is building its CMMS white paper library and is always searching for the best papers available for publish.

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