IWIM 2019: Recognize a game-changer in your organization

Jan. 24, 2019
Who should be a member of the 2019 class of Influential Women in Manufacturing? Nominate a colleague or associate today.

Last year, Plant Services and its sister publications at Putman Media – Food Processing, Chemical Processing, Control, Control Design, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, and Smart Industry – shined a spotlight on 22 women driving change within their organization and for the next generation of manufacturing leaders. These leading women made up Putman Media's inaugural class of Influential Women in Manufacturing.

Now we want to know: Whom should we spotlight this year?

Through March 31, nominate a colleague, past mentor, professional associate or yourself at influentialwomeninmanufacturing.com/participate.

In 2018, IWIM recognized women who are leading the charge in their department or organization for more-proactive, more-efficient approaches to asset management; who have developed and implemented solutions to successfully tackle problems that have long plagued clients or their own facilities; and who are engaging with their local schools and communities to educate young people about the possibilities of a career in manufacturing. You can learn more about several of them who have been featured in Plant Services here.

Guidelines for nominations: An Influential Woman in Manufacturing... 

  • Is a respected member of her field
  • Has accomplished something that has moved her company, department, or team forward
  • Has been a champion for the recruitment, retention and career development of women in industry – for example, by serving as a formal or informal mentor to junior colleagues or promoting the inclusion of women in key decision-making teams
  • Demonstrates thought leadership regardless of her title or role

Influential Women in Manufacturing received 100 nominations in its first year. We can't wait to meet, and to introduce you to, the IWIM class of 2019.

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