How to close the OT/IT skills gap

Nov. 19, 2015
Courses teach industrial professionals how to design, build, and maintain IP-based network architectures.


New virtual training classes from Industrial IP Advantage are designed to meet the emerging needs of automation engineers and IT professionals tasked with deploying Ethernet networking technologies in an industrial context.

Today's Ethernet technology can satisfy the performance needs of automation systems as well as ease integration with Ethernet business networks, but the engineers and technicians responsible for plant-floor environments are ill equipped to deal with it, according to Mike Slepikas, manager, learning solutions, Panduit.

"We're hearing from customers that they're not ready," he said. "IT doesn't have the domain expertise, and control engineers don't have the network skill sets. This is all about getting education to the people who need it."

To learn more about the skills gap, read “E-learning curriculum to address OT/IT skills gap” from Control.

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