A workforce crisis is imminent. Will you be ready?

Nov. 19, 2015
The skills shortage will affect productivity, profitability and safety if we don't prepare.


A trend is just a trend until it hits the bottom line; then it becomes a crisis. When it comes to the massive workforce contraction threatening global industry, that collision is imminent. Its shockwaves will be felt in reduced productivity, profitability and safety unless companies act now to ramp up expertise, initiate culture change and adopt new technology for the road ahead.

The good news is that technology is available in the form of accessible and affordable processing power, connectivity, remote monitoring and data analysis capabilities that are enabling the Industrial Internet of Things.

Rockwell Automation is leading the charge to usher in this Connected Enterprise: the company’s overarching approach to networked connectivity that leverages the IIoT to empower a more efficient, engaged and secure industrial workforce.

To learn more about the workforce crisis, read “How to survive the coming workforce crisis” from Control.

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