How culture can make or break your company

Nov. 20, 2015
Making culture a priority leads to better ideas and better products.


In discussions around the technological and workforce transformations occurring in the manufacturing industry, one topic repeatedly arises as an obstacle that can derail the transformation companies need to make in order to succeed as Connected Enterprises.

It's not cybersecurity or isolated data silos. It's culture.

But ask a lot of business leaders, most employees and just about any engineer what "culture" means, and you'll get a mission statement at best and, more often, a shrug.

If you're equally confused by all things culture, Tressa Knutson Bruggink, director, internal communications and engagement at Rockwell Automation, feels your pain. She knows how difficult it can be to even define culture, let alone transform it.

To learn more about culture, read “Connecting company culture to organizational performance” from Control.

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