Plant Services and Influential Women in Manufacturing partner for Career Development and Gender Diversity Survey

May 24, 2019
Both men and women—from entry-level to leadership—are encouraged to complete the survey.

Women make up 47% of the U.S. labor force but just 29% of the manufacturing workforce. As the U.S. manufacturing industry faces significant skilled-labor shortages and plants contend with critical leadership transitions at all levels, women are playing a crucial role in evolving the industry for the future.

In light of this, Influential Women in Manufacturing (IWIM), in partnership with Plant Services and its sister publications, wants to know: What does career development look like at your company? Is gender diversity on your company's radar? What opportunities have for career development have you seized – or created for yourself?

We invite you to take Influential Women in Manufacturing's first-ever Career Development and Gender Diversity survey. Your responses will inform future workforce stories on and will be included in a dedicated special report that will be available for complimentary download in fall 2019

Both men and women—from entry-level staff to executive team members—are encouraged to complete the survey. The results of the survey will be turned into a special report available for download in fall 2019.

>>>Take the survey<<<

To learn more about the survey or the Influential Women in Manufacturing program, visit the IWIM website.

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