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Educating manufacturers on the importance of cybersecurity

March 10, 2023
Here are this week’s industrial trends and perspectives, including how to employ a profit-and-loss centric approach to technological investments.

The internet is a vast space that is filled with rabbit holes, endless search results, and adorable cat videos that will consume your entire day in a flash. Finding the information and insights you need to improve productivity and efficiency at your facility can be daunting. Luckily, Plant Services is here to help. We search the web and curate the industry perspectives, trends, and topics that will affect you and your industry. Here are a few of our favorite stories from this week.

Level Up Your Supply Chain In 2023 With 5 Key Business Strategies [Forbes]
The only constant in life, and supply chains, is change. The days of steadfast supply chains are long gone, and companies that wish to success must be willing and able to pivot to anticipate and accommodate these changes. This article offers five strategies manufacturers can employ to stay nimble in 2023.

Making Cybersecurity a Team Sport: CyManII [SME]
U.S. manufacturers are a top target for hackers and cyber criminals at home and abroad, but many companies don’t prioritize a holistic cybersecurity strategy. Whether they are concerned about costs, applying cybersecurity technology only to certain systems or failing to bring all necessary stakeholders and departments into the process, manufacturers seem to need research-back guidance on how to get started on the path to improved security. In this article, CyManII CEO Howard Grimes shares how the organization is working to educate manufacturers on the importance of cybersecurity.

Challenges, Opportunities of Intelligent Automation in 2023 []
Automation implementation is on the rise in the manufacturing industry. Whether a company is trying to reduce costs, increase production rates or overcome the skilled labor shortage, all roads lead back to automation. This article examines how 2023 and its potential pitfalls could impact automation in industry.  

Reshoring is on the rise; how smart is your factory? [Supply Chain Managment Review]
The manufacturing industry’s reshoring initiative is causing companies to build more facilities closer to home. Many of these newly built smart factories are outfitted with the latest and greatest technology, but are manufacturers spending wisely and using their investments to stay competitive? This article showcases why manufacturers must employ a profit-and-loss centric approach to technological investments.

Maximizing Success In Manufacturing: Five Essential Tips [Forbes]
Whether you are building a company from the ground up or looking to improve your current manufacturing processes, selecting the right location for your production lines is a crucial step. The default answer has consistently been China, but changing attitudes and realities are making many companies rethink this notion. This article explores five tips manufacturers of all sizes and stages should consider when investigating in new countries and partnerships. 

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