The Industry Digest

The Industry Digest: What workers want from a career in industry

Jan. 27, 2023
Here are this week’s industrial trends and perspectives, including how the Metaverse could affect the manufacturing industry.

The internet is a vast space that is filled with rabbit holes, endless search results, and adorable cat videos that will consume your entire day in a flash. Finding the information and insights you need to improve productivity and efficiency at your facility can be daunting. Luckily, Plant Services is here to help. We search the web and curate the industry perspectives, trends, and topics that will affect you and your industry. Here are a few of our favorite stories from this week.

Why Talent Tops All In Manufacturers’ Year Ahead [Forbes]
Over the past few years, manufacturers have been forced to overcome unprecedented challenges, but the greatest hurdle still remains. Finding and keeping workers has the potential to make or break the industry. If they hope to survive, manufacturers must adapt to the expectations set by the next generation of workers, which includes increased flexibility and better work-life balance.

Automation Offers Labor Shortage Solutions []
Implementing automation can have numerous benefits for facilities across industries. One advantage of automation might be its potential to help close the skills gap. Automation can protect your workers from having to perform potentially hazardous tasks and allow them to occupy roles that are best suited for humans.

Top 6 Career Trends Impacting Industrial Workers [Thomas]
Americans are redefining the idea of “work.” From an increase in remote work and flexible schedules to an emphasis on finding your passion and creating a stronger work-life balance, employees are pushing for meaningful change in the workplace. This article shines a light on six career trends and how they will affect companies and employees.

Securing the edge begins with securing IoT devices [TechRepublic]
The Internet of Things offers limitless potential, but without the right security systems in place, especially at the device level, that promise can easily turn into problems. This article identifies six IoT device security problems and how to solve them.

Five ways Metaverse is changing manufacturing [Manufacturing Today]
The Metaverse has the potential to change how people engage with one another socially, but it could also have implications for workers, specifically in the manufacturing industry. By providing an interactive space, the Metaverse might foster improved communications between employees, between different departments, and between management and plant-floor workers. This article outlines 6 ways manufacturing might be affected by the Metaverse. 

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