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Is automation the key to success for mid-sized manufacturers?

April 19, 2023
What we’re reading this week, including a back-to-basics guide on how to get started on your CMMS journey.

To stay abreast of industry trends, we, the editors, read countless articles and editorials written by experts from across verticals. We're always learning more about the people, technologies, and events that are making waves in the manufacturing space, and we want to share this information with you. In this brief, we’ll cite our sources and highlight columns and features that can help improve uptime at your plant. 

Asset Management 

How CMMS connects workflows for preventive maintenance and asset management [Processing]
The benefits of implementing a CMMS are well documented (pun intended). It allows users to streamline and digitize their asset management strategy, improving recordkeeping and reporting in the process. When used properly, a CMMS allows workers to manage a multitude of different types of assets throughout their lifecycle, decreasing maintenance costs and increasing asset reliability. This article provides a back-to-basics guide on how to get started on your CMMS journey.


Mid-Sized Companies Can Lead the Way in Automation [New Equipment Digest]
Automation, once reserved for large companies rich in resources, is helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) achieve success. Typically, SME manufacturers have lower automation adoption rates than their larger counterparts, but higher success rates, allowing them to create more resilient supply chains, respond to changes in demand more quickly, and even respond to labor shortages. This article showcases Bison Gear and Engineering’s automation journey, including the challenges and opportunities that automation presented for them and other mid-sized manufacturers.

Tight labor market drives demand for cobots [Plastics, Machinery & Manufacturing]
There is a perpetual fear that automation, robotics in particular, will take jobs away from workers. In reality, robots are being used to fill open positions when manufacturers can’t find employees to hire. Attracting and retaining workers has become such a challenge that more and more companies are turning to new technologies like collaborative robots (cobots) to bridge the gap. This article explores how cobots can be used to help solve the skilled labor shortage. 


AI Could Be an Expensive Mistake [Foundry]
Artificial intelligence is the technology du jour. Individuals and companies alike are racing to adopt this new technological innovation, often without fully understanding it or having the proper systems in place to harness its full potential. This article outlines why companies must have a culture of good data gathering and analysis in place before implementing AI.


Is Manufacturing Unionization on the Upswing? [Industry Week]
Is support for unions within the U.S. growing? The answer is more complicated than you might think. To arrive at a concrete answer, we must first consider union sentiment throughout the country, union participation as it relates to overall employment, and how these trends will evolve and change in the future. This article explores the current labor environment and unionization’s role within it. 

About the Author

Alexis Gajewski | Senior Content Strategist

Alexis Gajewski has over 15 years of experience in the maintenance, reliability, operations, and manufacturing space. She joined Plant Services in 2008 and works to bring readers the news, insight, and information they need to make the right decisions for their plants. Alexis also authors “The Lighter Side of Manufacturing,” a blog that highlights the fun and innovative advances in the industrial sector. 

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