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8 ways to enhance warehouse productivity

March 22, 2023
What we’re reading this week, including how one company created a “circular economy” in their facility.

To stay abreast of industry trends, we, the editors, read countless articles and editorials written by experts from across verticals. We're always learning more about the people, technologies, and events that are making waves in the manufacturing space, and we want to share this information with you. In this brief, we’ll cite our sources and highlight columns and features that can help improve uptime at your plant.


Tool Manufacturer Gets Creative With Packaging Waste [New Equipment Digest]  
Dealing with packaging waste, especially corrugated box waste, is becoming a challenge for many manufacturers. While recycling used boxes has always been an option, manufacturers are investigating new, on-site solutions that can convert this waste into new packaging materials. In this case study, learn how one company is creating a “circular economy” in their own facility.  

Achieving Warehouse Productivity Gains Beyond the Forklift [Material Handling and Logistics]
Improving warehouse efficiency goes far beyond forklifts. Optimizing your forklift fleet is important, but if you neglect other essential aspects of your warehouse, then your facility will never achieve its goals. This article showcases eight ways managers can enhance warehouse productivity.

Planned Maintenance 

How Do I Reduce Inventory, Yet Meet On-Time Delivery Goals? [Industry Week]
Inventory planners are in a difficult position. They are constantly being pulled in two different directions as they are tasked with reducing inventory while still meeting delivery goals. This article highlights why inventory planners must look at current and future conditions, not past patterns, when evaluating inventory settings. 

Safety and Security 

Caster Concepts Creates Strong Safety Culture [EHS Today]
Safety should never be an afterthought at any facility, but all too often it is. Many companies wrongfully believe that establishing a safety culture means training your employees when they are first hired and hanging informational posters in the breakroom. Read this case study to learn how Caster Concepts’ safety culture influences all aspects of its business.


Younger Workers Have Different Value Systems [Material Handling & Logistics]
Gen Zers are paving their own paths as they enter the workforce. Many are opting out of traditional full-time careers, choosing instead to run their own businesses, pursue side hustles, or become gig workers. Those Gen Zers that do want to work for a company often make employment decisions based on a multitude of factors, including the company’s stance on sustainability, diversity, and overall transparency. This article offers companies a glimpse into the mind of the average Gen Zer and how to recruit them.  

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