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Presenting Mobile Industrial Robots' MiR Insights for AMR fleet optimization, plus 4 other cool tools

Sept. 5, 2023
This cloud-based application provides precise data on the fleet’s performance and how the robots interact with their physical environment.

Let’s talk tech. The manufacturing industry is evolving at an ever-increasing rate, and if you want to stay ahead of your competition, then you need to stay abreast of the latest products and solutions. Every day, innovative companies are bringing new tools to market, but searching the sea of new product announcements for the one that best fits your facility can be daunting. Here are a few cool tools, selected by the editors of Plant Services and New Equipment Digest, that are changing the game. 

Air Technical Industries' TMF-1000 Truck-Mounted Foldable Crane

The TMF-1000 Truck-Mounted Foldable Crane provides for shorter reaches and lighter capacity, while still offering a folding design and heavy-duty construction. The crane folds down to 48 in. (1 m) and has a manual extension boom that reaches from 43 to 70 in. (1 to 2 m) horizontally, with a lift height of up to 8.5 ft (2.5 m). It can lift 1,000 lb. (450 kg) with the boom retracted and 500 lb. (225 kg) with the boom extended. Learn more about the product

CS Hyde Company's ULTEM PEI Sheets

Ultem PEI Sheets are custom fabricated to fit any 3D printer. Laminated with high-performance 3M Adhesive (Easy Peel Liner). Easy release printed parts. No surface prep material. Eliminate part warping. Thickness Range: 3, 5,10, 20, and 40 mil. Learn more about the product

Hottinger Brüel & Kjær's V9940 Shaker Platform

The V9940 shaker platform is specifically for vibration and shock testing on electric vehicle (EV) battery modules and packs, e-axles, and e-drive trains. Designed primarily for testing EV battery systems during prototype development to validate product release to series production, the V9940 shaker system can also be used for end-of-line sample testing to validate manufacturing process parameters and ensure consistency of quality, making it ideal for vehicle and battery manufacturers, independent test houses and systems Integrators. Learn more about the product

Mobile Industrial Robots' MiR Insights

To optimize fleets of autonomous mobile robots, MiR Insights is a cloud-based application that provides precise and actionable data on the fleet’s performance and how they interact with their physical environment, enabling the fleet owners to improve performance and uptime to achieve a faster return on investment. Data dashboards monitor key performance indicators such as distance driven, completed missions, and robot utilization rate. Heatmaps track robot activity over time and physical locations and visualize areas with poor Wi-Fi coverage and potential robot traffic bottlenecks. Learn more about the product

OTTO Motors' OTTO 600 AMR

A tough and nimble autonomous mobile robot, the OTTO 600 moves pallets, carts, and other payloads up to 1,322 lb. (600 kg) at speeds of 4.5 mph (6.5 ft/s). With an all-metal construction and IP54 rating, the AMR offers the abilities of larger AMRs with the maneuverability needed to get around in small spaces. With advanced sensors and OTTO's autonomy software, it works quickly and safely around people and objects. OTTO 600 handles lineside delivery, work cell delivery, and palletizer to stretch-wrapper transport. Learn more about the product

About the Author

Laura Davis

Laura Davis is the editor in chief of New Equipment Digest (NED), a brand part of the Manufacturing Group at Endeavor Business Media. NED covers all products, equipment, solutions, and technology related to the broad scope of manufacturing, from mops and buckets to robots and automation. Laura has been a manufacturing product writer for six years, knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the industry along with what readers are looking for when wanting to learn about the latest products on the market. Plant Services editor in chief Thomas Wilk recently spoke with Laura to get her perspective on new products and innovations that are affecting the industry, as well as the upcoming partnership between Plant Services and New Equipment Digest.

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