Rexnord’s Smart Condition Monitoring System is now available for A-Plus and Y-Unit Gear Drives

The Smart Condition Monitoring System measures, records, trends, and displays drive operating conditions and alerts specified users of abnormal operating conditions. Proprietary algorithms continuously compare both individual and aggregated sensor data against embedded models of healthy drive operating conditions. When an emerging or actual abnormal condition is detected, contextual information about the condition is simultaneously sent to users via e-mail, the Rexnord Connect Portal and/or your supervisory control software, if connected to a control system.

This Smart Condition Monitoring System is now available to current users of Falk A-Plus and Y-Unit Gear Drives. This system can be installed on A-Plus and Y-Unit Gear Drives either at our service centers or in place without removing them from service and connects directly to the user’s existing PLC or DCS system.

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