SPM Instrument's Intellinova Parallel EN provides continuous monitoring of rotating machinery

SPM Instrument's online system, Intellinova Parallel EN, is suited for condition monitoring of industrial equipment with high availability demands. Intellinova Parallel EN is suited for applications where a critical success factor is the capacity to complete the required measurement within a very limited time frame. With parallel and synchronous measurement capability on up to sixteen channels, Intellinova Parallel EN is a fit for many applications. Thanks to its parallel-processing capability, relevant events are captured without delay.

Designed to manage demanding industrial environments and complex operating conditions, the system takes advantage of the latest in digital technology for supreme computing power, superior signal processing, and optimal data management. Intellinova Parallel EN implements technologies for monitoring vibration, gear and bearing condition, and lubrication. These technologies provide forewarning times for deteriorating machine condition, capturing the earliest signs of gear and bearing damage well in time to optimize maintenance plans. Sixteen synchronous channels for vibration and/or shock pulse measurement and eight RPM channels can be used for data acquisition on machinery in a range of operating speeds (from below 0.1 RPM), with complex drives, or with variable operating conditions. Digital, analog, and RPM inputs can be used for event-triggered measurements, while the four status outputs can be set up to handle alarm indication. Wireless solutions are available. This online system offers a variety of functions to ensure that readings and alarms are relevant and accurate, thus facilitating confident assessment on machine condition.

1803 SPM
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SPM Instrument