SKF's MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator TLMP series automatically lubricates multiple bearing lubrication points

The SKF MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator TLMP series introduces a centralized and ready-to-use lubrication system to automatically lubricate multiple bearing lubrication points in rotating equipment applications across a variety of industries. This system with pluggable outlets is packaged as a complete kit and designed for easy installation and user-friendly programming via keypad with LED display.

The TLMP system can supply from 1 to 18 lubrication points on a controlled and timely basis in order to deliver the proper lubrication amount at the required frequency to optimize bearing performance and equipment reliability.

Use of the system eliminates the typical challenges and issues associated with manual lubrication, including difficult-to-access lubrication points, over- or under-greasing, equipment shutdowns during lubrication maintenance, and potential worker injury during their lubrication routes.

The TLMP series is equipped with lubricator, required tubing, and connectors. The system features a metal housing, one-liter reservoir capacity, stirring paddle to prevent grease separation, and cycle control sensor to govern ideal delivery of lubricant.

Maximum operating pressure of 120 bar (1,740 psi) can be achieved and the system can perform in temperatures from -25º C to 70º C (-13º F to 158º F). With a high IP protection rating, the TLMP seriesis engineered to resist vibration, withstandrepeated equipment wash downs, and prevent ingress of contaminants.

As value-added safeguards, the TLMP system features low-level and malfunction alarms – with notifications even at remote locations – alerting when the reservoir is empty or when an outlet is blocked.  In addition, the system enables machine steering to temporarily disable lubrication by removing power.

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