ITT's i-ALERT Ai allows customers to monitor and manage all their i-ALERT enabled machines

ITT’s PRO Services brand unveiled the i-ALERT Ai platform, a web interface allowing customers to take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things to monitor all their i-ALERT2 enabled rotating equipment in one place. The online platform is the latest service to be introduced since the i-ALERT2 Bluetooth Smart-enabled machine health monitor was launched.

With the i-ALERT Ai platform, customers can monitor and manage all their i-ALERT enabled machines and sensors in a simple web interface. This subscription service requires no software to download or dedicated hardware to run. It allows customers to view trend data, machine notes, technical data and vibration spectrum data collected via the i-ALERT2 application (app), all visualized in a simple timeline.

This online web interface complements the route customization feature introduced in 2016, which cuts collection of machine performance data by as much as 50 percent. Customers can manage the data collection via the i-ALERT mobile app by setting up designated routes and the app will automatically guide a user to which assets and what type of data to collect on the route. Once a route is completed, the app will automatically generate a report and email it to the customer.

With the i-ALERT2 sensor, the mobile app and the Ai platform, customers can have a seamless monitoring solution that will enable them to safely inspect multiple pieces of equipment and be alerted of potential problems before they become critical failures.

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