Checkfluid's AD-MTL helps detect the three biggest causes of gearbox failure

Detect the three biggest causes of gearbox failure with a push of a button. Alongside oil sampling, the AD-MTL from Checkfluid allows technicians to get real-time readings on the moisture level, temperature, and oil level of their gearbox. It is an easy tool for monitoring gearbox and reservoir oil. Sampling, checking moisture activity, temperature and oil level are now combined into one tool at the existing drain port.

The AD-MTL’s moisture sensor extends into the active turbulent zone for the highest accuracy. The sensor measures the moisture activity in oil similar to relative humidity within air. It displaces the changes occurring with the temperature and humidity inside the gearbox.  The temperature sensor is incorporated into the moisture sensor, and displays the oil’s temperature. It signals the operator to early signs of overheating caused by: viscosity changes, over or under filling, oil churning, foaming, additive breakdown, or incorrect oil type. The level sensor connects to the display and measures the fluid height above the sensor using pressure. The level sensor avoids the risk of breakage, cloudiness and cleaning. It also eliminates the need to wait for a sight-level to stabilize with high viscosity oils can sometimes save up to 40 mins or more. Additionally the AD-MTL comes with our high flow LT Sampling Tube which extends into the active zone, allowing technicians to grab the most representative sample possible.

With one push on the display see moisture, temperature and level readings within seconds. Technicians can record the data and evaluate the information against baseline results to see a trend. Push the button again to turn off the sensor or simply leave it as is. The sensor will shut down after 1 minute to conserve battery power.

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