AutomationDirect's Micro Detectors area sensors have an IEC IP67 ingress protection rating

AutomationDirect has expanded its sensors offering to include wide area sensors for object detection. The new area sensors from Micro Detectors (MD) are multi-beam, through-beam sensors with emitter and receiver elements used for detecting the presence of any object by sensing the light beam intensity returning from the receiver. The area sensors have an IEC IP67 ingress protection rating.

These MD area sensors are available in basic and advanced versions. CX0 Series basic area sensors have a sensing distance of up to 6m and a detection height up to 320mm. CX2 Series advanced area sensors also have a sensing distance of up to 6m with detection height of up to 960mmand offer analog outputs and a blanking function.

Available Teach-in functions with two levels of adjustment are used for product setting, adjustment and blanking. LEDs indicate the sensor status, alignment, optics condition and faults. Fine Teach allows smallest object detection. Gross Teach avoids potential stability and repeatability of performance problems and is less sensitive to environmental conditions. The blanking function (CX2 series) allows the height of the active optic window to be adapted to the application by eliminating ("blanking") pairs of beams and can be useful in specific situations.

The Emitter emits near-infrared light at non-dangerous levels. The device is classified as RG0 (exempt) according to IEC 62471: 2008-09.

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