ABB CMS-700 energy monitor and control unit provides access for data management

ABB has launched the CMS-700 energy monitor and control unit in the US to allow easy access for data collection, analysis and download through a built-in web server to manage power and optimize energy efficiency analysis in a circuit monitoring system. The system is expanded with a new generation of open-core sensors that can be connected to existing installations easily without disconnecting the power, providing a high degree of measurement accuracy.

  • Product features new open-core sensor for easy connection to existing installations.
  • The addition of the CMS-700 energy monitor and control unit expands ABB’s portfolio of circuit monitoring system solutions for multichannel measurement of branch monitoring in buildings and critical power applications.
  • The CMS-700 unit features the new open-core sensor that is easily connected to existing installations for flexibility in retrofitting and expansion.
  • All components are linked over one flat cable and installation requires no special tools. A simple set-up procedure, smart configuration and ease of installation reduce installation time by as much as 30 percent.

The CMS-700 energy monitor and control unit can integrate up to 96 sensors, which can be displayed and processed using the built-in web server, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) or a Modbus Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). CMS-700 technology also delivers high measurement accuracy and can monitor AC, DC or mixed currents up to 160 amps. The compact size of the CMS-700 energy monitor and control unit enables it to occupy minimal space, and requires no additional space in the enclosure.

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