Altech UPS power solutions combine power supply modules all into one device

CBI all-in-one UPS (uninterruptible power supply) power solutions from Altech Corp. combine multiple functions in a single device for use as a power supply unit, battery charger, battery care module, or backup module. This “intelligent” device is compatible with a range of common battery types and is fully equipped with a real-time diagnostics system to continuously monitor battery status, charging levels, and potentially emerging battery faults. The CBI device ultimately will suit any battery-power application in any industry or setting where battery reliability is essential and the availability of backup power is critical.

The device’s battery-charging function is microprocessor-controlled and uses algorithms to detect a battery’s condition and then choose the appropriate charging mode. Real-time diagnostics enable easy battery diagnosis and fault identification (displayed by LED) to protect against potentially occurring faults, such as short circuit, inverted polarity, overload, or disconnection of the battery. If the CBI device ever becomes disconnected from the main power source, the battery will serve to supply the load until battery voltage reaches 1.5 V per cell, preventing deep battery discharge.

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