SPM Leonova Diamond provides a combination of measuring techniques

SPM Leonova Diamond was designed for rough industrial environments and features a carbon fiber re-enforced housing. It is engineered to provide a combination of measuring techniques for every situation, all in one instrument. It is available in intrinsically safe versions.

It offers three channel simultaneous monitoring of vibration severity, velocity, acceleration and displacement according to ISO10816 standards. Enveloping with band and high pass filters can be selected to optimize analysis. The EVAM measuring technique provides pre-programmed evaluation models for time and frequency domain parameters.

SPM-HD is built to detect deteriorating bearing conditions and incipient failures with accuracy and pre-warning times. SPM-HD is designed to accurately measure rolling element bearings rotating from 1 RPM all the way to 20,000 RPM.

Condmaster Ruby collects and stores measuring results delivered from all SPM handheld and online measuring devices for evaluation and presentation in a single software package.

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