Keysight Technologies' LCR Meter provides low-frequency impedance testing

Keysight Technologies, Inc. introduced three low-frequency options for its E4982A LCR meter. With these new options, the E4982A is well suited for RF inductor, coil and EMI filter manufacturers that are required to perform impedance testing at various frequencies.

Today's smart phones and other electronic equipment often utilize components such as inductors and EMI filters. Ensuring these passive components operate as expected in the real-world requires impedance testing during production, as well as during quality assurance.

Keysight's new E4982A LCR meter options allow manufacturers to easily test passive components at desired frequencies. The options cover the 1-MHz to 300-MHz (Opt. 030), 500-MHz (Opt. 050) and 1-GHz (Opt. 100) frequency ranges. These new frequency range options complement the E4982A's existing 3-GHz measurement capability (Opt. 300). Frequency upgrade options are also available.

Keysight's E4982A LCR meter is used in passive component manufacturing where impedance testing is required. The meter features high measurement speed, 0.8 percent basic accuracy with unparalleled measurement repeatability, and a wide impedance measurement range in all frequency options. Its powerful functions make it ideal for use in manufacturing, R&D and quality assurance.

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