IFS launches plug-and-play CPM solution for power generation

IFS CPM is a business model-driven platform that gives enterprises a 360 degree, enterprise wide, top down perspective of processes and performance, aligned with the business strategy. This allows managers to ensure process execution is optimized to deliver the strategy, avoiding strategy leakage.

Ultimately, IFS CPM enables businesses to make better decisions, faster – by assessing real-time business performance in the context of how it affects key business processes and strategic goals, giving managers real-time operational intelligence and actionable controls to solve issues before they become problems.

Some of the benefits of the IFS CPM plug-and-play offering:

  • Prepackaged solution optimized for the complex and highly regulated power generation industry
  • Preconfigured, out-of-the-box business processes, cockpits and KPIs
  • Solution will plug and play as a complement to the company’s existing IFS solution
  • Very rapid implementation and low service costs
  • Enterprises can adapt solution progressively over time
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