White Paper: 5 Ways Cloud MES Improves Your Production Capabilities

Oct. 12, 2022

Cloud computing has changed the way we work. The online access allows us to log in when needed wherever we are and adjust capacity based on the current situation. Manufacturers are moving to digital manufacturing, a model that integrates networks, platforms and processes, are connected so the information is available in real-time, online. In the past, companies have been more reluctant to migrate away from the proven on-premise manufacturing execution systems (MES) to a SaaS-type of system. However, the competitive and dynamic global market is also driving this renewed interest as manufacturers work to fulfill consumer demands before their competitors do.

The rise of remote and hybrid work environments paired with sustainability initiatives has made manufacturers revisit the advantages of moving to a cloud MES. These solutions enable the agility to adapt to market and supply chain changes quickly while maintaining efficiency and quality. There are fewer IT resources used because of automatic updates and minimal to no hardware installations. And, integrations with supply chain stakeholders provide visibility from raw ingredients and materials to operations to the enterprise level.

This guide covers:

  • Production capabilities of a manufacturing cloud system
  • Common production challenges
  • How a cloud MES helps you overcome these potential roadblocks
  • A discrete manufacturing use case
  • Benefits of migrating to this Industry 4.0 solution

This white paper is sponsored by Movilitas.

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