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Strategic Doing in modern manufacturing

Jan. 23, 2020
In this Smart Industry Base Camp Preview, learn how to achieve purposeful transformation by quickly forming action-oriented collaborations.

In March Scott Hutcheson presents on the concept of Strategic Doing at Smart Industry Base Camp. Today the director of the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab shares some insights applications of Strategic Doing in the industrial space.

Smart Industry: Sum up the concept of Strategic Doing.

Scott: The Strategic Doing discipline enables people to achieve purposeful transformation by forming action-oriented collaborations quickly, moving them toward measurable outcomes, and making adjustments along the way.

Smart Industry: What about applications in the industrial space?

Scott: Successful industry leaders are usually really great problem solvers. Not all problems, however, are created equally. We have tried-and-true tools to help us solve highly complicated problems, but those same tools usually don’t help us make progress on complex problems. Complex problems have too many variables that we don’t control, too many unknowns, and there usually isn’t an underlying process that is easily seen and understood. That’s where Strategic Doing adds value.

To learn more, read "Base Camp Presenter Preview: Strategic Doing in the industrial space" from Smart Industry.

Want more with Scott? Join him in Chicago this spring. Click here to learn more about Smart Industry Base Camp and use code PS to get your discounted registration rate of $750.

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